Hi there friend,

We're glad you're in the process of looking for something new. 

This all started for us when I(nathan) was working as youth-care counselor. I was really starting to feel the effects of the field on my mental, emotional and spiritual health (very draining). 

I found that the more I tried to help, the less the system wanted to help.

I decided that as much as I loved helping people, I could find other ways to do so. That was the beginning of my search and about 2 months after I left that position I came across 2 amazing men who were willing to mentor me into a sytstem that would soon change my life

The most amazing part was the within 1 week Melissa and I met and soon fell in love! Who doesnt like a good love story right!?

For the first time in our lives we now had someone that was 100% supportive of what we both did - Melissa is Nurse here in Moncton, NB and she's striving everyday to be better, to help more people and to grow as a person

After 7 months in the business, not only was I able to live completely off this business, but Melissa decided she wanted to be a part of it as well and soon decided to jump on board! 

Now, after  almost 1 year of business - our goal is to have her work less so that we can both travel, pay off debt and eventually start a family without the stress on our shoulders

This business has truly changed my(Nathan) life and soon will do the same for Melissa - Its already allowing us to move to our dream location - Vancouver island - A place the we could have never afforded prior to this.

We hope that you've looked around and really searched for opportunities before making a decision & if you decide you want to partner with us - We would love to mentor you as we were mentored

The system works - The only variable is YOU

We're grateful you took the time to read this and stop by and hope to get to know you on the "Inside"
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Nathan & Melissa